At Monetarium, we have been assisting clients in creating wealth through investment in Australian Coins and Banknotes since 1985. Today we continue to assist investors and collectors alike in achieving their financial goals and our client portfolio now spans the globe.

Our objective is to guide clients in building a valuable portfolio over time with Australia’s rare and high quality coins & banknotes. Because of our extensive knowledge of the market, we can provide advice based on comprehensive research, on which coins and banknotes to buy. We can also assist in the acquisition and disposal of these items.

Monetarium is prominent in all areas of the Australian numismatic market, carrying items of national and historical importance. We are also authorised agents for the Royal Australian Mint And The Perth Mint.

We have proven numismatic knowledge, experience and resources to handle the rarest and most desirable numismatic items available. So if you are an investor or collector in any type of rare Australian coins & banknotes – or would like to be? Our friendly staff are at your disposal.

Steven Nugent (Senior Director) has been involved in the numismatic industry all his life and has worked in various dealerships in the eastern states as well as being one of the former Directors of the Monetarium Sydney office. He is regarded as one of the leading authorities on Australian Coin & Banknote rarities and his in depth knowledge extends to Ancient / Medieval Coinage and the precious metals market. Steven is also a key contributor to the independent price guides on Australian Coins & Banknotes. He is currently serving his fourth term as President of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association (ANDA).