There are a number of reasons why astute investors are getting interested in numismatic (rare coins and banknotes) investment opportunities.

  • History of Value Increases – Over the past 35 years, prominent areas in the numismatic market have increased very substantially in value.  Take a look at our investment guide (on our featured links) for more information.
  • Non-Taxable – Numismatic collectibles are non-taxable whilst in your possession.  There are tax benefits which are worth discussing with your independent financial advisor.
  • No Effect on Pensions Allowance – Coins and Banknotes can be included in a Pensioner’s Capital Asset allowance – this means that you can build up your superannuation portfolio with numismatic investment pieces and will be taxed at the lower superannuation rate.
  • No Fees / Purchase Limits – There are no on-going management, maintenance or supervision fees with numismatic items.  There are also no purchase limits.
  • Discreet and Confidential – As there is no registration to be lodged with authorities, you have complete confidentiality with your investment which can be desirable in a world which is getting more litigation-focused and less private by the day.
  • Unlimited Portability – You will have the ability to move your investment with you – it is possible to carry a million dollars worth of rare coins, for example, in a small bag.
  • High Demand for Australian Rarities – Strong demand within Australia and overseas makes it easier to liquidate well chosen Numismatic rarities.
  • Ability to Sell a Portion Only – You can liquidate a portion of your Portfolio as necessary without penalty.
  • Family Heirlooms – Your rare coins and banknote collections can be passed down from generation to generation as treasured family heirlooms.